The First Day Unnamed

by Steve Brand, Disturbed Earth



From my original 2009 release notes:

The fourth installment of collaborative works between two of our most prolific and creative artists – Dean Richards (aka Disturbed Earth) and Steve Brand. On “The First Day Unnamed”, Dean and Steve have created a brooding and many-layered longform masterpiece. Steve had this to say about the release.

“This album literally grew out of the parts and pieces of my trilogy collaboration with Dean/Disturbed Earth that came out in late 2008 and early 2009. That said, this is not a continuation or regurgitation of those works. In the previous trilogy, Dean took my sounds and twisted, bent and re-sculpted them with his own sensibilities and processes, adding his own sounds into the mix. With “First Day…,” I have re-cycled and re-processed some pieces that Dean created that didn’t make it into the original series, ran them through my own processes and internal filters, adding my own sounds (once again) along the way.

The title was inspired by the idea that we strive to encage and cordon off the world by being able to label and define nearly everything without and within us. In doing so, we create the “known,” when in reality, much remains unknown, because in truth, we have only investigated that which is most comfortable to us. This disk is characterized by deep terrestrial drones and textures, hints of melody, churning subterranean machinery, the occasional calls of weird animals, distant flute, gongs, and voices.”


released June 6, 2009

Steve Brand and Steve Brand sounds and processing. Design and photography, Brand.



all rights reserved


Steve Brand

Steve Brand originally recorded and released in the experimental genre under the name “Augur,” with more than 20 limited edition releases on independent labels. In 2003, Steve began creating in the “ambient” genre under his own name. He has issued more than 40 self-released disks, as well as a number of solo and collaborative releases on U.S. labels, Hypnos and AtmoWorks, the Italian label, Afe. ... more

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