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Brian Bourassa This album is ultra memorizing. It stands out as a very unique recording by this artist. The repetitive echoing nature throughout enslaves you as if hypnotized by its delicate and continual motion.

A fantastic journey.


Re-mastered at the Treehouse by Brand July 2014. Re-packaged January 2017.

:. JUNE 15, 2012 .:. "Catalyst"—four cavernous, ethereal, sentimental and lilting inscapes timing in at just over an hour. Instruments used on Catalyst include, keyboards textures, shakers, voice, conch, kora, bamboo chimes and field recordings.

Catalyst was started in 2010 and completed in late 2011. 2+0+1+0 reduces to 3 and the number 3 in a spiritual sense indicates, change, catalyst, fecundity, magic and intuition. I was (and am) experiencing all of these—sometimes all at once—and I continue to feel their presence at work in my life. This album is a document of the presence and effect of these forces in and on my life—acting as a catalyst for growth, meaning and an expanded way of living and being. I am truly deep into the midst it.

The cover, inside spread and wallpaper photos all depict ephemeral light phenomena—light passing through objects, reflected and refracted from objects which in some cases, only lasted for a few minutes. I feel that these images perfectly capture the idea that if we pay attention, we can see the magical that is just behind the facade of the ordinary.

Download comes with full album (4 tracks 65+ minutes), pdf of cover, cover image and a wallpaper.

Amniotic Light | 11:44
Catalyst | 17:12
Deep Into It | 16:18
The Track of the Moon on Water | 18:00


released June 15, 2012

For Nadja...with whose assistance and love, so much is possible.



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Steve Brand

Steve Brand originally recorded and released in the experimental genre under the name “Augur,” with more than 20 limited edition releases on independent labels. In 2003, Steve began creating in the “ambient” genre under his own name. He has issued more than 40 self-released disks, as well as a number of solo and collaborative releases on U.S. labels, Hypnos and AtmoWorks, the Italian label, Afe. ... more

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